Learning how to tie nautical knots is a common and overlooked importance for ocean savvy people. Please refer to our pictures and feel free to practice at home!

Watch this for how to tie an ANCHOR  Knot
watch this for how to tie a BOWLINE knot
watch this for how to tie a RUNNING BOWLINE
watch this for how to tie a BUNTLINE HITCH
watch this for how to tie a CLOVE HITCH

Please click on these informative boating documents to increase your boating knowledge!

Boat lights seen at night document

Boat_Lights_Seen_At_Night.doc Boat_Lights_Seen_At_Night.doc
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Type : doc


Boating Weather terms

Boating Weather_Terms___Clouds.doc Boating Weather_Terms___Clouds.doc
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Type : doc

Boating basics

Boating_Basics_Handout.docx Boating_Basics_Handout.docx
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Type : docx

Boating Float Plan

Boating_FLOAT_PLAN.docx Boating_FLOAT_PLAN.docx
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Boating Safety check list

Boating_Safety_Checklist.docx Boating_Safety_Checklist.docx
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Boating sound signals

Boating_Sound_Signals.docx Boating_Sound_Signals.docx
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